Wednesday, June 10, 2009


How many times have you seen a movie, expecting to be entertained and coming out at the end thinking, "That was a waste of my time."? During the weekend I stumbled upon a recent Pixar movie that brightened my mood, my day, and in fact I wouldn't mind seeing it again. "Up!" is the story of a 78 year-old man who ties thousands of balloons to his house and sets out for the adventure of his life. Right after he lifts off he realizes that, Russel, a wilderness explorer in training is a stowaway on the trip. This movie is filled with adventure and surprise. The only thing that was disappointing in this movie was that it didn't go longer than 90-minutes. Pixar has great music, features, timing, voices and its great for all ages. By far its the most emotionally touching, hilarious movie of any Pixar movie. It is one of those movies that you will want to tell your family, friends, and enemies. What makes a movie is the story, and "Up!" has that great story. It is also being shown in 3D but whatever one you decide to see, I guarantee that you will be satisfied with the story, the characters and the overall quality of the picture.

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