Friday, February 6, 2009

My Superpower!

With such a big emphasis on being environmentally friendly, wouldn't it be obvious to choose flying?! With about 6.8 billion people living on this beautiful earth and of that 70% own a vehicle, wouldn't it be wonderful if we could fly to work. Not only would we be reducing our carbon footprint, we would also be able to enjoy beautiful sceneries from a different perspective. Everyone has wondered at least once what it would be like to fly. Of course we fly in airplanes, Helicoptors, Parasails, etc. but to fly like a bird would be a dream come true. Feeling the wind through your hair, the butterfly feeling of excitement, and the adrenaline rush as you dive down just before you reach the ground and then swirve up towards the clouds, it's like your own personal rollercoaster. I would fly to the moon, stand on top of the Statue of Liberty, reach the top of Mt. Everest and make it there in the least amount of time, and best of all I wouldn't have to wake up early for my morning ride with my dad. My confidence would build, and I would feel invincible. Flying would not only be the ride of a lifetime for me, I would also be changing the world.

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