Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My Top Three

Out of the four seasons in the year, my favorite would have to be Summer, Fall, and Winter. Summer is my number one favorite because of the freedom, and the fun everyone can have. You may have a job, but you will be learning while you make money. There is no school, and in a place like penticton there are many activities going on. Fall is my second favorite because of Halloween and the feeling of school starting. My birthday is in October and I love reconnecting with my friends. The leaves are colourful and the weather is still nice enough to go for a jog. Winter is beautiful, it's snow covers the land with an amazing white blanket which is perfect for skiing and snowboarding. Going up to Apex for sledding and skating can only be done in the winter months. Christmas is a magical feeling, bringing family and friends together. I left spring out spring because it's growth is fully shown when summer is beginning. When spring starts it shows the mud and the dirt left from the snow and it's raining all the time. I have thought through this many times and have come to the conclusion that, in this order, summer, fall, and winter are my top three favorite seasons.

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