Thursday, May 7, 2009

Novel Synthesis

"Angels and Demons" a novel by Dan Brown, and "Evolution and Religion Can Coexist, Scientists Say" an article by Stefan Lovgren, both deal with the theme, Religion vs. Science. Many people believe that science takes away the faith and wonder, and is destroying the earth with its inventions that pollute the world. Some Scientists believe that religion would be lost without their guidance. Everyone has their points in the argument, such as religion arguing the evolution theory, and science arguing the facts. In both the written work, Science and Religion argue back and forth, "but what if evolution is God's tool?" Another very important similarity between Science and Religion, is that they are just trying to find a meaning to life. Scientists today are trying to combine science and religion, hoping that one day they will compliment each other in what they know and how everything works. "Religion is about ethics, or what you should do, while science is about what's true," and when you look at it this way, it seems a bit silly comparing the two. Everyone has a choice to believe in either explanation, and "science advancements may even draw scientists closer to religion" making it easier for people to understand both points of view. Even with science and religion, people are still wondering what is really out past our universe and is there a stronger power linking evolution and change in the world. The future will bring us discoveries and some may be wrong, but we are only human.

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